Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bargain Pr2 robot.

In my last posting I showed the Cybermotion K2A robot that I purchased.  Once I got it home and on the bench for a close inspection. I realized that I would not be using any of the stock controls for my new project for several reasons.
1. The Motherboard was 486 processor. With no HD
2. The motor control along with the encoders was made up of 7400 series DIPS from 1980.
3. There was no support or manuals anywhere to be found on the Internet, so all rebuilding and fixing would have to be metered out.

And the base / body just looked ugly.

So I took off the old components and boxed them up for storage.

The cleaned base with new components added.

Battery trays installed to hold 12v 17ah batteries.

Top view of computer platform. Zotac mother board 9300 wifi series. 250 watt DC-DC car computer power supply and
hard drive that needs mounting brackets still. In the center is the slip ring connector for power from the base.

Sabertooth 2x25 drive fot the motor control and Arduino to test the motor operation and encoder programming.

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  1. Nice job!!! Thanks for the inspiration... I follow by your example....